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Writing S184 Decisions

About this Course

In this one day course delegates will learn how to write S184 decision letters of the traditional 'big five' decisions, i.e. not homeless, not eligible, not in priority need, intentionally homeless and no local connection. Delegates will gain detailed knowledge as to why certain things need to appear in a particular decision letter.  This includes requirements set by the law, case law and the Code of Guidance.


A focus will also be on writing decision letters that applicants can understand. To assist them, delegates will be given decision letter templates and forms to meet the needs of the amended legislation. The S184 decision letters cover the following:

  • Investigating Eligibility

  • Investigating Homelessness

  • Priority Need

  • Intentionally Homeless

  • Local Connection at the Relief & Main Duty Stages

Who Should Attend

This course is suitable for those working for local authorities in the area of homelessness and for those that are responsible for making S184 decisions.  The course is suitable for both newly appointed and experience officers.


Minos Perdios, Director & Reviews Manager at Housing Reviews Ltd

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