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hope, the Homelessness Reduction Act software


Since its introduction in April 2018, the Homelessness Reduction Act fundamentally changed homelessness practice by introducing a statutory duty to help prevent applicants losing their home. The act also requires the local authority to take action to help source accommodation for applicants who are homeless. 


There were significant concerns that the new legislation could overwhelm high demand local authorities with additional workload at the point of contact, around assessments and administration, reviews and appeals – and also for reporting.

With this in mind, Housing Reviews partnered with Home Connections to develop a fully configurable case management system to help local authorities comply with the new legislation through easy-to-use and comprehensive software which includes the most up-to-date decision letters.


The system is aimed to ease the everyday administration tasks of housing officers from the very beginning of the assessment stage including the provision of Personalised Housing Plan, up until secure accommodation has been established for the homeless and homeless prevention cases. The H-CLIC statistical reporting return has also been updated in line with the requirements of the new act and will become much more related to individual case management.

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Uniquely, the Home Connections national mobility scheme, Homefinder UK can also be supplied as part of the system in order to provide immediate housing options and alleviate the pressure from casework for applicants wanting or willing to move out of the borough.


  • Ability to transfer legacy data and to integrate with third party applications

  • Triage to advice, prevention & relief

  • Automated H-CLIC compliance checks and reporting to DELTA

  • Quick and efficient document sharing with 24/7 visibility

  • 24/7 communication through instant messaging

  • Immediate access to immediately available social housing nationwide via Homefinder UK 

  • Configurability of all aspects of the system 

  • Manage workload more effectively 

  • Advice agency referrals and access 

  • Over 60 system-integrated letter templates to comply with all aspects of legislation 

  • Real-time interactions

  • Single unified applicant record 

  • Integration with Housing Reviews Ltd Letters 


Self-service homelessness prevention toolkit

A unique online homeless prevention toolkit helps customers self-identify and automatically generates homeless prevention actions and follow up advice without the need for back office interaction. The information can triage into a housing advice or homelessness application for further review and action by the housing department. The homeless service is made more accessible and timelier for the homeless applicant and more efficient for the housing authority. The whole process is supported by a user friendly APP available on Android and Apply stores.

The hope homelessness prevention app

Home Connections hope app is exactly what you need to make registrations and Personal Housing Plans management easier for yourselves and your applicants.

Perks of hope app

  • Applicants can register and review their PHP's 'on the go'

  • Our Smartphone App is a handy functional version of hope 

  • Regular updates: automated roll out to everyone 

Did you know that the total number of mobile app downloads in 2017 was estimated to be around 197 billion? Applicants can easily complete homelessness applications via phone or a tablet while waiting at the reception!

Ready to demo…

We have already held many seminars across the country to discuss the needs of various local authorities to improve our software and make it as intuitive and user-friendly as possible. Based on a rapid and agile development process Home Connections is ready to demo and implement hope for your council within the next few months.


Book your demo with Home Connections today here

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