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Audits & Service Improvement



Audit of Homeless & Suitability Decisions

Every homeless manager needs to be aware of the quality of decisions that their officers make. We carry out audits of both homeless and suitability decisions. The audit that we provide is detailed and provides recommendations for each decision and highlights deficiencies and training requirements where applicable.


Audit of Homeless & Housing Options Services

We have the capability to provide you with a comprehensive audit of the service you provide. We have the ability to assess the effectiveness of your allocations service, provision of temporary accommodation and homeless service. Our Service Audit brings together mystery shopping and an on-site quality audit which includes auditing management structures and policies and analysing to what extent the council is effectively utilising its resources. We also make detailed recommendations to make sure that you are compliant with the Local Government Ombudsman requirements and that you are providing the most effective and efficient service to your staff and clients.  This is to give you a holistic view of your overall service.  

For more details and a competitive quote on our audit services please give us  a call.

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