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Since 2001, we have been providing an independent housing reviews (S166A & S202 Housing Act 1996) service to local authorities. As service providers, we carry out allocation scheme and homelessness reviews on behalf of local authorities in an efficient and cost effective manner with very little administrative back-up required from the local authority. To date, we have completed over 10,500 S202 Reviews (homeless reviews) and S166A Reviews (allocations reviews). During this time we have gained a reputation for providing a quality service at an affordable price; and have shown that our knowledge and interpretation of homelessness, associated legislation and case law is second to none.


We are fully committed to providing a professional service and therefore only employ qualified and experienced staff. We leave no stone unturned in our pursuit to make legally correct and fair decisions. Our work has been commended by local authorities all over England, in the County Courts and the Court of Appeal.

We are a fully supportive service which means that we provide local authorities with all the resources they need to investigate homeless applications and write legally sound decisions. This includes providing decision letter templates, GP medical questionnaires, homeless application forms, letters to landlords, advice and other services, as needed.

If you are looking to contract out your S166A, S202 and/or your Flexible Tenancies function; or if you require temporary assistance to help clear a backlog of s.184 decisions, you need look no further than our company.

We also provide a full training programme for homeless and prevention officers, practical homelessness conferences and carry out audits of homeless decisions and services.


Please give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Meet The Managers


Minos Perdios

Reviews Manager

Minos has worked in homelessness since 1992 before setting up the Housing Reviews Limited in January 2004. He has personally carried out over 5,000 reviews for over 50 local authorities.

Minos has also developed very popular practical training courses specifically for homeless officers and managers. He is regularly asked by local authorities to deliver training in the area of homelessness.  

Minos has been a speaker at homelessness events such as the events provided by Central Law Training and the Social Housing Law Association (SHLA). He is now central to our homelessness conferences which we started to deliver in September 2014 and have been extremely successful.

In January 2024 Minos was appointed on to the panel of independent referees for homelessness local connection disputes established under the Homelessness (Decisions on Referrals) Order 1998. 


Lucia Alexander

Operations Manager

Lucia set up the Housing Reviews Limited with Minos Perdios.

She manages the office and co-ordinates the work of the reviews officers as well as the admin officer. Lucia has been involved in over 3,000 reviews.

Lucia also plays a pivotal role in our very successful homelessness conferences. 

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