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Allocations Scheme Reviews (S166A)


Housing authorities are required by S166A(1) to have an allocation scheme for determining priorities and for defining the procedures to be followed in allocating housing accommodation and they must allocate in accordance with that scheme (S166A(14)). All aspects of the allocation process must be covered in the scheme, including the people by whom decisions are taken. In the Secretary of State’s view, qualification criteria form part of an allocation scheme.


By virtue of S160ZA (9) and (10) housing authorities must notify an applicant in writing of any decision that he or she:

  1. Is ineligible for an allocation of accommodation under S60ZA(2) or (4), or

  2. Is not a qualifying person under S60ZA(7).


Our extensive knowledge around eligibility/immigration rules allow us to carry out reviews under S60ZA(2) or (4). Having helped local authorities write allocation schemes we have an extensive understanding of qualifying rules, banding requirements and how to review such decisions. We have successfully carried out over 350 such reviews so you can be reassured of our ability to carry out your allocation scheme reviews.  

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