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Section 202 Reviews (Homelessness) 

Every applicant has the right to request a Section 202 review of any decision made by the local authority on their homeless application, e.g. not homeless, intentionally homeless, bringing the prevention and relief duties to an end. In addition to this applicants can request a review of any decision made in relation to the suitability of accommodation. Local authorities are seeing an increase in the number of Section 202 reviews and are now finding that reviews are becoming much more complex as more and more applicants seek legal advice.


We are fully committed to providing a quality service to meet the demands placed on any local authority. This means employing only qualified and experienced staff. We leave no stone unturned in our pursuit in making legally correct and fair decisions. We go to great lengths to make all the necessary enquiries and this also includes making enquiries abroad. We will travel the country whenever it is necessary in order to interview an applicant at the council’s offices when required to do so.

We take the stress away from local authorities by:

  • Sending out Regulation 5 letters to applicants informing them that we will be carrying out the review.

  • Carrying out all enquiries required including writing to GPs/landlords etc.

  • Interviewing applicants when required either by telephone or at the council offices.

  • Sending out Regulation 7 letters in the case of Section 202 reviews.

  • Requesting extensions to the 21 or 56 day review period where applicable and informing the council for the reason.

  • Prepaying all expenses to speed up the review process.

  • Writing the Section 202 review decision letters within 30 days where no enquiries are required.

  • Providing access to our Teamwork database to allow local authorities to check the progress of their cases online or from their smartphone.

Our Commitment to Applicants


We are fully aware that homelessness is a harrowing experience and that homeless people are some of the most vulnerable and socially excluded people in our society.


We therefore seek to treat every homeless applicant with the utmost respect and will take the time to consider their ‘side of the story’. We will consider all representations that they make in detail and we can say without hesitation that we will always act in an independent and fair manner having the utmost regard to the law, caselaw and code of guidance.  

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