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Making Intentionally Homeless Decisions

About this Course

The practical course aims to assist those officers who have to make decisions in relation to intentionally homeless and in particular the complex area of affordability and intervening events. This course covers all areas where intentionality is assessed. 


There have been many Court of Appeal and Supreme Court decisions over the last few years and they offer advice on how to correctly assess whether a person is intentionally homeless.  The course looks at what an 'objective source' might be for the purposes of affordability. This course will also look at bad intentionality decisions and delegates will be given an opportunity to discuss why these were legally flawed. 


At every stage the Code of Guidance 2018 will be highlighted. Delegates will also receive templates in relation to making legally sound intentionality decisions and related enquiries. 

Who Should Attend

This course is suitable for officers working for local authorities and who have to assess whether an applicant is intentionally homeless.  


Minos Perdios, Director & Reviews Manager at Housing Reviews Ltd

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