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Assessing Local Connection in Homeless Applications

About this Course

The practical course aims to assist those officers who have to make decisions in relation to local connection. The course will highlight the criteria and differences when referring an applicant at the relief and main duty stages. At every stage the Code of Guidance 2018 will be highlighted as well as the duties owed to those who are referred. The course also looks at the review regulations in relation to local connection decisions. Delegates will also be provided with decision letter templates and forms to assist them when making referrals and no local connection decisions. 


The course will cover:

  • Local Connection Criteria

  • Relief Stage Local Connection (S198(A1))

  • Writing First Local Connection (Relief stage) Decisions

  • First Local Connection (Relief stage) Duties (S199A)

  • Main Duty Stage Local Connection

  • Main Duty Stage Local Connection (S198(1))

  • Writing Second Local Connection (Main duty stage) Decisions

  • Second Local Connection (Main Duty stage) Duties (S199A)

  • Local connection exercises

Who Should Attend

This course is suitable for officers working for local authorities and who have to assess local connection.  


Minos Perdios, Director & Reviews Manager at Housing Reviews Ltd

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