Assessing Eligibility in Part 6 Applications & Writing 'Ineligible' Decision Letters

About this Course

Since 1 January 2021 there have been 3 groups of persons applying for housing. This includes:

  • Persons Subject to Immigration Control

  • EEA Nationals and their families

  • British Citizens


Each group has their own eligibility criteria when it comes to assessing whether a person is ineligible for allocation for housing accommodation. Persons Subject to Immigration Control may also have pre-settled status but remain ineligible. Although Swiss citizens in general have the same eligibility criteria as EEA citizens, separate agreements made between the Swiss and UK governments mean that the eligibility criteria for their family members are slightly different. 


Since the 1 January 2021 we had many changes to the eligibility criteria. New rules apply to EEA Citizens and their family members. The changes also impact on certain family members of British Citizens. We have also had several changes to the eligibility criteria of Persons Subject to Immigration Control, including Hong Kong British Nationals and people from Afghanistan. 


This up to date course will provide all the information on the current eligibility changes. 


This course aims to assist caseworkers involved in assessing whether applicants are eligible in relation to applications made under Part 6 Housing Act 1996 by providing them with a practical guide in investigating allocation scheme applications taking into account case law and associated legislation. The course will also provide practical advice on writing ‘Ineligible’ decision letters and all delegates will receive 7 decision letter templates. Delegates will also be provided with easy to follow flowcharts to help them work out if an applicant is eligible for an allocation of housing accommodation. 


Delegates will also be able to go through real life eligibility exercises.

Who Should Attend

This course is suitable for those assessing eligibility in accordance with Part 6 Housing Act 1996. 


Minos Perdios, Director & Reviews Manager at Housing Reviews Ltd