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Discharging the Prevention & Relief Duties

About this Course

The covers everything relating to the prevention & relief duties. Delegates will learn the requirements in order to accept both duties. The course also covers every decision relating to ending the prevention and relief duty. Delegates will be given decision letter templates that adhere to legal requirements. 


Delegates will also learn how to develop effective prevention strategies for all excluders and meet the needs of the different groups requiring relief. The course is extremely practical with many 'thinking outside of the box' solutions.  It first highlights all the possible excluders before going on to identify all the possible reason for eviction. It is on this basis that delegates will be given effective prevention solutions using tried and tested methods. 

In relation to relief strategies delegates will be guided through all the possible groups that require relief. Delegates will then be taken through tried and tested relief strategies. 


The course covers:

  • Accepting the prevention & relief strategies

  • Ending the S195(2) prevention duty

  • Ending the S189B(2) relief duty

  • Creating the right Assessment & Personalised Housing Plan

Who Should Attend

This course is ideal for seniors and managers working in Housing Options and whose role it is to carry out the prevention and relief duty. It is also suitable for those working for local authorities in the area of homelessness prevention.  



Minos Perdios, Director & Reviews Manager at Housing Reviews Ltd

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