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Homelessness Training Update

Following the Government's COVID-19 (Coronavirus) guidance on the 16 August 2021 we are happy to offer face to face in-house training as well as via Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meets. All our courses will remain as live online homelessness training courses via Zoom. 


Since 2001, we have been providing an independent housing reviews (S166A & S202 Housing Act 1996) service to local authorities. As service providers, we carry out allocation scheme and homelessness reviews on behalf of local authorities in an efficient and cost effective manner with very little administrative back-up required from the local authority. To date, we have completed over 7,500 S202 Reviews (homeless reviews) and S166A Reviews (allocations reviews). During this time we have gained a reputation for providing a quality service at an affordable price; and have shown that our knowledge and interpretation of homelessness, associated legislation and case law is second to none.

Meet The Team


Minos Perdios

Reviews Manager

Minos has worked in homelessness since 1992 before setting up the Housing Reviews Limited in January 2004. He has personally carried out over 5,000 reviews for over 50 local authorities.

Minos has also developed very popular practical training courses specifically for homeless officers and managers. He is regularly asked by local authorities to deliver training in the area of homelessness.  

Minos has been a speaker at homelessness events such as the events provided by Central Law Training and the Social Housing Law Association (SHLA). He is now central to our homelessness conferences which we started to deliver in September 2014 and have been extremely successful.


Lucia Alexander

Operations Manager

Lucia set up the Housing Reviews Limited with Minos Perdios.

She manages the office and co-ordinates the work of the reviews officers as well as the admin officer. Lucia has been involved in over 3,000 reviews.

Lucia also plays a pivotal role in our very successful homelessness conferences. 


Alexandra Maniatis

Reviews Officer

Alexandra has been working at Housing Reviews as a reviews officer since January 2017 and has completed hundreds of reviews.


Alexandra’s experience in homelessness goes back to June 2001 when she began working as an Advice and Assessment Officer & Non-Priority Officer for WMS Haywards who ran Westminster's Homeless Person's Unit.


After working for Lewisham Council for nearly two years she moved to Islington Council. During her 12 years at Islington Council, she was a caseworker making S184 decisions as part of a specialist team for single homeless people and then she worked with a team that deal with all types of clientele. Alexandra used to train support workers, GP's and others in the basics of housing services and legislation. She also spent time carrying out S202 reviews following her secondment to this post.


Abbie Millar

Reviews Administrator

Abbie is our reviews administrator.


Abbie is responsible for the administration of all our cases. This includes placing all cases on Teamwork, making enquiries where necessary and requesting extensions when it is needed.  



We are not just a reviews service!

We have a total of six services, including reviews (homeless reviews (S202), allocation scheme reviews (S166A), flexible tenancies reviews), homelessness training, & conferences, template subscription and audits. 



We have a comprehensive training programme for officers and managers working for local authority homelessness departments.  Our one and two day training programmes are delivered via Zoom. Our conferences take place in London and Leeds.



We recognise that one of the challenges brought on by the introduction of the HRA 2017 is the need to have in excess of 120 letters and forms. 

Our letter subscription service takes away the stress of creating and updating letters and forms. 



We have been privileged to carry out reviews for over 70 local authorities in England. We have been able to provide a long term solution to housing reviews whilst also helping local authorities with backlogs. 


A list of all the local authorities that have used some of our services can be found here.   



We are honoured to have received commendations not only from local authorities who have used our services but also from the County Court and Court of Appeal. 



All our clients have access to our  Housing Reviews database. This means that they can check the progress of any of their reviews 24/7.


They can do this online or on any Android Smartphone or IPhone by installing the Teamwork app.



We have in place an agreement with two very experienced and successful housing barristers who can provide us with their expert opinion. This will give you reassurance knowing that  we will get all S166A, S202 & Flexible Tenancies reviews legally correct.




Housing Reviews has partnered with Home Connections to develop a fully configurable case management system to help local authorities comply with the requirements of the Housing Act 1996 through easy-to-use and comprehensive software which includes the most up-to-date decision letters.


It has never been more important for local authorities to deliver good and cost effective services given the current challenging economic climate and difficult public sector funding environment. Our company is here to help your local authority by providing a quality service at an affordable price.


Leeds Office

Housing Reviews Centre

PO Box 365

Leeds LS26 1FL


Tel:  0113 816 0210

Fax: 0113 816 0211

London Office

Housing Reviews Centre

PO Box 65717

London N13 9BD


Tel:  020 3174 2293

Fax: 020 3174 2294

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